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The Institute Makes a Breakthrough in Project Establishment for the National Natural Science Fund for 2013

[ 2013-09-01 ]


    Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China issued the review results for 2013 and the Institute won 8 projects of various types with the total project funding of 3.44 million yuan, growing by 166% and 128% than 2012 respectively. With an assistance rate of 22%, the Institute has made new records in the number of approved projects, total funding amount and assistance rate.
    National Natural Science Fund is an important component of the national innovative system and also an important vehicle to cultivate young research talents, facilitate team development, promote S&T innovation and improve scientific research activities. Dr. Dai Xiaofeng invited outside experts to provide guidance on fund application work, thus greatly improving the quality of the applications. Also, the Department of Scientific Research Management conducted rigorous reviews and ensured that the 37 applications of our Institute all passed the formal review.
    The Institute has realized rapid growth in the number of projects for the National Natural Science Fund and this is attributable to the great efforts the Institute has made to refine the discipline direction, enhance young talent introduction and team development, and work hard on research project establishment in the recent two years, thus laying a solid foundation for the effort to promote fundamental sciences research, cultivate high-level talents, build first-class innovative teams and establish a world-class research institute.