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Secretary of the Party at CAAS Visits the Institute of Food Science and Technology

[ 2014-05-12 ]


On April 30th, Chen Mengshan, Secretary of the Leading Party Group at CAAS and his team visited the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) for inspecting and instructing the project of turning potato into staple food.
After listening to the research progress in areas such as strategy of turning potato steamed bread and noodle into staple food, consumption guidance and special varieties screening, watching the processing of potato steamed bread and noodle, tasting products developed by the project team such as potato steamed bread, noodle, rice noodle and bread, Chen and his team fully recognized the achievements in the first quarter of 2014 and instructed to promote this project as an innovation drive.
According to Chen, there are several points to be emphasized. Innovation should be of great importance in the project while the study on the overall planning of upstream and downstream concerning turning potato into staple food should be enhanced. What’s more, collaborative innovation should be strengthened so that the integration and collaboration in special variety, nutrition evaluation as well as new product research and development can be speeded up. The conversion of innovation deserves special attention and patent, standard, base and enterprise should be integrated so as to serve the conversion and promotion of achievements. Finally, management mechanism innovation should be promoted with a clear theme that management should serve scientific research and innovation so that the overall planning of project research, demonstration, base and enterprise can be enhanced.
His requirements are as follows: Firstly, the project team should clarify the general requirement of the project, make steady progress in work and serve for the overall development. Secondly, it should also broaden its vision in research constantly and attract more relevant experts to the team so as to speed up the research progress. Thirdly, it should optimize the scientific research technology, keep reflecting on and making innovation in theories. Last but not least, the team should take current research results as examples for pilot bases in Hengshui and Tongzhou.
IFST will develop processing technology of potato as staple food products, combine research with promotion, achievement and popularization, enhance collaboration with research team of special variety, strategy and consumption guidance and strengthen innovation, and strive to turn potato into staple food as soon as possible, according to Dai Xiaofeng, Director of IFST.
Lu Jianzhong, Director of Science and Technology Management Department, Wang Xiaohu, Director of Food Nutrition Department, Dai Xiaofeng, Director General of IFST, Wang Qiang, Deputy Director of IFST and all experts of the team participated in this visit.