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Vice Minister of the Party at Ministry of Agriculture Emphasizes: Strengthen Potato Industry and Make It the Aircraft Carrier to Protect Food Safety of the Country

[ 2014-05-12 ]


On December 11th, Yu Xinrong, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Vice Minister at Ministry of Agriculture, checked and instructed the project of turning potato into staple food.
When Yu visited the traditional food processing and equipment laboratory, he watched the processing of potato steamed bread and noodle, listened to the report concerning progress of the project and study on processing technology and equipment to turn potato into staple food as well as tasted potato steamed bread and noodle produced by the project team.
Yu expressed his appreciation for the stage progress and achievement of the team in such a short time and his affirmation of the devotion and pragmatic spirit. He pointed out that food safety was a long-term strategy with the development of China while we should solve this problem by ourselves through independent innovation. At the same time, based on current situation, we should also think about future development and pay attention to safety and ecology as well as maintain a sustainable development after food production increased for ten consecutive years. It would be the starting point and objective of science and technology development and innovation to satisfy the increasing need of agro-products with better quality of the general public. Moreover, science and technology innovation should depend on the inherent dietary habit and food culture of China. He also emphasized that turning potato into staple food would be the guarantee, core and aircraft carrier to protect food safety, which would definitely promote a historic change of staple food industry in our country. Hence, he said that it was an honor and a heavy responsibility for the project team to undertake this task.
Chen Mengshan, Secretary of the Leading Party Group at CAAS, indicated that Yu had conducted system analysis from the standpoint of new problem, new challenge, new dilemma and new requirement which our agricultural development would be faced with in the new period. From a strategic height he put forward that the institution should have a global vision, national vision and center vision to arrange agricultural development, to raise new requirement of science and technology to support agro-industry, and set up the technical method and development pattern of turning potato into staple food. When turning potato into staple food and developing agro-science and technology, we should integrate with the market, enhance scientific publicity and guidance for the market, strengthen theoretical research as well as improve demand oriented consciousness. It was our starting point and objective to solve the long-term food safety problem, rely on independent innovation, realize medium and long term sustainable development, meet the increasing consuming demand of the general public as well as base on dietary habit and food culture of China, he added.
Yu also visited the Agro-Products Processing Technology Research and Development Center.