IFST Signed the Academic Disciplines Co-construction Agreement with the Hu Bei Academy of Agricultural Sciences (HBAAS)

[ 2013-05-01 ]


On March 9th, IFST signed the academic disciplines co-construction agreement with HBAAS. Dr. Dai Xiaofeng, director of IFST, and Dr. Yu Dazhao, president of HBAAS signed the agreement.


On the ceremony, Dr. Dai Xiaofeng expounded on the historical and social background as well as the significance of signing the agreement with HBAAS. Since the Reform and Openning up, China has obtained great achievements, and China is on the way of its great rejuvenation. The basic way for the modern agricultural development lays on the agro-products processing. Based on the developed countries’ experience, when the GDP per capita exceeded $5000, the basic way, driving force, potential is on the agro-products processing. In 2011, the GDP per capital of China has been in excess of $5000.Therefore, the agro-products processing researchers should seize the opportunity and contribute to the modern agriculture and the rural development in China.


Dr. Dai said, Hu Bei province with great culture and long history is the pivot in central part of China. On the guidance of the No. 1 document of the central government, IFST and HBAAS co-construct in the academic disciplines aiming to promote the application of agro-products processing science and technology in the local economic development, to contribute to the nation and people.


The IFST group also includes Deputy director Wang Qiang, Wang Fengzhong, heads of several laboratories. After signed the agreement, five experts from IFST gave academic lectures in HBAAS. 



2013-05-01 IAPPST Signed the Academic Disciplines Co-constru