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2017 Open Recruitment Institute of Food Science and Technology, CASS

[ 2017-02-04 ]

    As the only national research institute in the area of agro-products processing, Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) carries on the missions such as scientific innovation, conversion of technological achievements, international collaboration,cultivating senior research talents, and providing service on agro-products processing policy consultation, etc.

    At present, the Institute has 4 study areas including Agro-Products Processing and Preservation, Quality and Safety, and Nutrition and Health; as well as 9 national innovation teams, which are on Oils Processing and Quality Control, Cereals Processing and Quality Control, Meat Processing and Quality Control, Fruits and Vegetables Processing and Quality Control, Traditional Food Processing and Machinery, Functional Factor Research and Utilization, Control of Biological Hazard during Processing, Control of Chemical Hazards during Processing, Bio-manufacturing and Food Enzyme Engineering. The institute possesses the national platforms like the National Key Laboratory of Agro-Products Processing, Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), and National Pilot Plant on Agro-Product Processing, MOA, and National Risk Assessment Laboratory of Agro-products Processing Quality and Safety, MOA; as well as 8 international cooperation platforms including China-Argentina, China-Israel, China-US, China-Canadian, China-Germany, China-Italy, China-Japan cooperation platform. At the same time, IFST has 4 master programs on Food Science, Cereals, Oils and Plant Protein Engineering, Agro-Products Processing and Preservation, as well as Food Processing and Safety; 2 doctoral programs on Agro-Products Processing Quality and Food Safety, and Agro-Products Processing and Utilization.

    To further strengthen the research ability of our institute, based on working needs, we intend to openly recruit 38 staff members, including 16 university graduates from 2017(including 14 Beijing students and 2 non-Beijing students), 22 post-doctoral graduates, overseas returnees, and social employees. Hereby announcing as below:

    1. Vacancies and Requirements
    Please refer to Annex 1 2017 open recruitment vacancies, IFST-CASS.

    2. Target Candidates
    Full-time university graduates from2017, and overseas returnees that haven’t undergone employment process, post-doctoral graduates and other personnel under the age of 35 (born after July 1, 1982).

    Military school graduates, online education graduates, tailoring education or delegated education graduates, social trainees, adult higher education graduates or self-taught education graduates, are excluded from the recruitment this time.

    2017 graduates, students overseas and doctoral students who are still enrolled in studies are supposed to hand in all the related materials before late October, 2017; otherwise the candidate will be disqualified.

    3. RegistrationRequirements
    (1)Excellent working skills, strict self-disciplines and good moral standards; has competent group-working skills.

    (2)Show passion for agriculture, the countryside and farmers; has deep commitment to one’s position and duty; ready to devoted oneself to the cause of IFST.

    (3)Show a positive attitude towards working; has strong senses of duty and responsibility; active in creative thinking.

    (4)Demonstrate solid professional skills; good academic performance;ability in problem-solving and coordination; good writing and speaking skills.

    (5)In good health condition, hard-working, active in working, mentally- and physically-prepared to fulfill the job.

    (6)Meet the requirements of relative posts.

    4. Registration Methods
    (1)Way of Registration: Through e-mail
    (2)Registration Deadline: 24 February, 2017
    (3)Materials required:2017 university graduates registration form, IFST-CASS open recruitment (Annex 2), Candidate Form of 2017 IFST-CASS recruitment(Annex 3), personal statement, foreign language level certificate, scanned copy of identity card, copy of transcript, as well as scanned copy of relative papers and certificates. Beijing students should also provide scanned copy of the home page and personal page of their registered residence certificate.

    5. Recruiting Procedures
    Qualified candidates will be selected according to the requirements above; those being selected will have to take written tests, interviews, comprehensive assessment and physical examination before they are finally qualified and employed. The specific time of the written test and interview are to be announced.

    6. Notice
    (1) Materials provided must be in detail and true to the fact. Those who provided fake information will be immediately disqualified.
    (2) “Beijing students” refers to those who had registered residence from Beijing before being enrolled into universities.
    (3) Non-Beijing students must meet the requirements of acquiring Beijing residence registration.
    (4) Do leave the correct phone number and address. Stay in touch and inform us as long as there is a change on the contact information.
    (5) The recruiting information will be issued on the website of IFST and CASS, please refer to these websites in time.

    7. Contact Details
    Department: Department of Human Resources Management, IFST-CASS
    Contacts:Huang Lulu,MengZhe
    Address:Court 2, Yuanmingyuan West Road, Haidian District, Beijing (5109 mailbox)


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